Bath Matchmaker: Which Detox Hot Bath is For You?

Bath Matchmaker: Which Detox Hot Bath is For You?

You know you need a detox, but you can’t bear the thought of doing The Master Cleanse or a 20-day water fast. Like, really? Talk about HANGRY! Don’t worry, we have the PERFECT and relaxing detox for you. We promise, no starving required! No matter what your symptoms are, one of our the takesumi detox® hot baths are sure to do the trick. Did we mention that all it takes is a bathtub, 15-30 minutes of your time and some much-needed R&R? It’s the easiest way to detox.

Keep reading to find out which detox hot bath best fits your needs.

Signs you need a TURMERIC detox:

1. Your muscles are sore and your joints are aching.
2. You find you are getting breakthrough odor while you are transitioning to a natural deodorant.
3. You want an easy way to help your body rid itself of toxins and impurities. YES PLEASE.

the takesumi detox® turmeric hot bath can help with:

  • Turmeric is known for it’s anti-inflammatory properties. It helps soothe muscles and joints.
  • Turmeric is also anti-bacterial. It eliminates odor-causing bacteria from your smelly parts. This can be really helpful when making the switch to natural deodorant as the turmeric will help fight the odor-causing bacteria that is leaving you smelly.
  • Turmeric is also known to increase circulation. This aids the body in ridding itself of built up toxins.

Signs you need a CHARCOAL and APPLE CIDER VINEGAR (ACV) detox:

  1. You want the easiest way to help your body rid itself of toxins and impurities.
  2. You have any skin issues that are caused by fungus or bacteria.
  3. Your skin is feeling rough and looking dull.
  4. You are transitioning to a natural deodorant.

the takesumi detox® charcoal hot bath can help with:

  • Charcoal is known for its ability to bind to toxins and pull them out of the body.
  • ACV helps neutralize odor-causing bacteria. For example, if it’s used on the underarms, the level of its acidity produces a less hospitable environment for these types of bacteria to live on. AKA you will smell better for much longer.
  • Apple cider vinegar can help treat skin conditions as it helps mitigate fungus and bacteria.
  • ACV is also loaded with vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, C and E for softer, smoother skin all over!

Signs you need a SEAWEED detox:

  1. You are dealing with a lot of stress. But really, who isn’t?!
  2. You are having trouble sleeping.
  3. You have been skimping out on your fruits and vegetables.
  4. Your skin is feeling dry and irritated. HELLO WINTER, we know you’re coming!
  5. You want to detox your body from the suspected heavy metals that might be getting trapped in the body.
Here’s an FYI

The common foods we eat can have traces of heavy metals. Mercury in fish or arsenic in rice are just a few examples. They may not only be in our food, but also in the daily products we use on our bodies.

the takesumi detox® seaweed hot bath can help with:

  • Seaweed helps relieve stress. Especially if you taken the seaweed hot bath before bed, your body will be so relaxed and you’ll drift into a deeper sleep.
  • Seaweed is loaded with amazing vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that help to revive drab and dull skin.
  • If you’ve been skimping out on good quality produce lately, the seaweed hot bath will give your body a little added boost of nutrients.
  • Seaweed also has the ability to bind to heavy metals and toxins and help pull them out from the body while you sweat.

Bonus: Seaweed can help eliminate the appearance of cellulite.

P.S: If you were ever concerned about the smell of bathing in seaweed, turmeric or apple cider vinegar, rest assures. Trust us, these hot baths smell AMAZING! They are formulated with notes of eucalyptus, mint and additional essential oils! You are guaranteed to have the best smelling bathroom on the block for days.

P.P.S: Give these the takesumi detox® hot baths as a gift this holiday season and your receiver will be sucked into wanting to know what smells so amazing!

Gift Guide for the Detox Enthusiast

Gift Guide for the Detox Enthusiast

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! But we know it can be stressful trying to find the right gift for everyone on your list. We’ve rounded up our top 6 items making it super easy for you to pick out a gift for the health-conscious detox enthusiasts in your life. If that health nut is you, feel free to use this list to drop hints to those buying gifts for you this holiday season!


kaia naturals detox hot bath and liquid and leaf sencha green tea feature image for under $15

kaia naturals | the takesumi detox® hot baths

There is no easier way to detox than to sweat out the bad and soak in the good with kaia naturals detoxing hot baths. These detox hot baths help your body sweat out toxins and impurities while soaking in nutrients from todays hottest beauty ingredients – charcoal, seaweed and turmeric. This is an ideal gift for anyone who simply wants to indulge in some relaxing self-care rituals.


Liquid + Leaf | Sencha Green Tea

We all know green tea is a powerful detoxing tool, however not many brands are as giftable as Liquid + Leaf. Green tea is packed with polyphenols, which are essential for your body’s own detoxing systems to work most effectively.


kaia naturals natural charcoal deodorant and black and blum charcoal water filter bottle feature image for under $30

kaia naturals | the takesumi detox® charcoal deodorant

If you have someone on your list that is looking for the coolest, most innovative ways to detox, the kaia naturals the takesumi detox® charcoal deodorant is the one to think about! Switching to a natural deodorant is key for anyone looking to take a step further into living a healthier lifestyle. It’s unique as it’s formulated with activated charcoal, a powerful detoxing agent that acts like a magnet, pulling toxins and impurities from the body. Not to mention, this natural deodorant is free of baking soda and coconut oil, which are known to irritate the skin. With its high-quality ingredients, the takesumi detox® charcoal deodorant is the crème de la crème of all natural deodorants.


black + blum | EAU GOOD Charcoal Filter Water Bottle

Hydration is always the key for those looking to detox the body. But hydrating with contaminated water can be counterintuitive. Que the black + blum charcoal glass filter water bottle! Charcoal is not only amazing for getting rid of toxins from the body, but it is also proven to help filter out volatile organic compounds from our water.


kaia naturals charcoal underarm detox kit and vitruvi stone diffuser feature image for over $40

kaia naturals | the takesumi detox® charcoal underarm detox kit

As mentioned earlier, switching to natural deodorant is vital for anyone wanting to live a toxin and chemical-free lifestyle. It can be a bit tricky as transitioning into using a natural deodorant from an antiperspirant can be a little sweatier and smellier. That’s where the takesumi detox® charcoal underarm detox kit comes in. It has everything you need in one box – a detox guidebook diary to help track your progress, the takesumi detox® charcoal deodorant and the new to the collection, the charcoal detox hot bath and the deodorant booster bar. The bar is specifically formulated with activated charcoal and apple cider vinegar to kill the odor-causing bacteria. Your underarms will be squeaky clean giving them a great protected base for your daily deodorant. Snag one for yourself and one for your best friend, significant other, mother, father, sister, brother and start the 30 day detox together!

Vitruvi | Stone Diffuser

We all know that eating right and exercising are two great ways to keep your body’s detoxing systems in check. But how about the toxins and chemicals in the air that we breathe. Aside from the relaxing ambience and aroma that the Vitruvi Stone Diffuser creates, the diffusing oils such as rosemary, clove, and any oils in the mint family can actually help chelate heavy metals such as iron from the air. The receiver of the Vitruvi Stone Diffuser gift will most definitely thank you.


Photos by Liquid + Leaf, black + blum, and Vitruvi – @kjduesing