How to easily sanitize your pressed powders

How to easily sanitize your pressed powders

We already know the importance of cleaning makeup brushes regularly, but have you ever thought to sanitize your actual makeup products? 

Your skin produces oils and sheds dead skin cells often, which can end up contaminating your pressed powders and other makeup products too. So, if you want to kill the germs that may be festering in your products, here’s what you can do!



  • Pressed powder or makeup product of choice 
  • Rubbing alcohol (at least 70%)
  • Small spray bottle 



  1. Fill the small spray bottle with rubbing alcohol
  2. Spritz the top of your powders with the spray bottle, then set them aside to air-dry
  3. Do this regularly to keep your pressed powders and eyeshadow palettes clean and sanitized!


Cleansing your products with this quick and easy method will not only help remove any germs that can cause breakouts on your face, but it will also help make your makeup last longer!

Feature image by Hiclipart.

A Natural and Easy Way To Clean Your Makeup Brushes

A Natural and Easy Way To Clean Your Makeup Brushes

Are your makeup brushes looking a little dirty?!

Let’s be honest, cleaning makeup brushes is one of those things that often fall to the bottom of your to-do list. So, if you’ve been skimping on the cleaning lately, consider using CASTILLE SOAP as a natural and easy way to clean your makeup brushes.




OIL – almond oil, or jojoba oil will work. (Oil helps break down any oil makeup left on the brushes and will also help condition the bristles.

CASTILLE SOAP –  This is a natural soap to help clean and dissolve the gunk out of brushes.



1. Mix together a squirt of castille soap, 2 drops of oil and a cup of water.

2. Take dirty makeup brushes, one at a time, and mix into the solution stirring well.

3. Rinse under warm water until water runs clear.

4. Lay the brush on a towel to dry overnight.


This biodegradable soap effortlessly cuts through foundation, powder, concealer, eye shadow and more on your brushes – and it’s vegan, cruelty free, and made with the highest-quality organic and fair trade oils! 

P.S. It’s important to deep clean your brushes weekly. However if you’re short for time, try spot cleaning daily after each use. It will make your deep cleaning sessions much easier and your skin will thank you!

Feature photo by Emma Bauso.