Survey Says 55% of People Don’t Do Enough of This

Survey Says 55% of People Don’t Do Enough of This

mary futher founder of kaia naturalsHi everyone, Mary, founder of kaia naturals here. Today I’m sharing with you a very important wellness practice that most of us are not doing enough of. Did you know? Japanese people have the longest life expectancy in the world. The reasons are all related to their healthy lifestyle and diet. One lifestyle choice they make, as well as the Finnish people, is detoxing the largest organ in their body, the skin, with heat.



As Japan is located in a volcanic zone of geothermal activity, there are over 25,000 naturally-occurring mineral hot springs across every region of the country. Detoxification through excessive sweating is very important to the Japanese as they believe detoxification should be done through your body’s largest organ – your skin using heat.



Onsen uses natural hot spring water heated beneath the ground and has to be at least 25C, although some onsens get as hot as 100C. Balneotherapy – medical treatments through the use of bathing is widely practiced in Japan. They believe the mineral-rich water (magnesium and sulphur) from an onsen helps to promote skin health, whereas the heat from the water helps to reduce inflammation, muscle pain, and boost your immune system.

Onsens are often looked upon as a treat due to its cost, whereas sentos are everyday bathhouses that are more affordable. These communal indoor public bathhouses (separated by gender), simply use regular hot water just like you would if you ran a hot bath at home.



Sauna is one of the main practices that Finnish people practice.  For instance, in Finland, 99% of people will head into a sauna at least once a week (if they don’t have one in their home), they use a public sauna. With 5.5 million people living in Finland, and over 3 million saunas nationwide, it shows just how serious they are about sweating it out. A sauna session is known to help detox by working the body into excessive sweating using dry heat, which helps release toxins and impurities through skin.



In North America, taking a bath is viewed as a way to relax and is somewhat time consuming. When we do choose to bathe, the water is often filled with synthetic colours, fragrances and “bubble baths” instead of natural salts and healing essential oils.



Although doing a juice cleanse or incorporating detoxifying superfoods into your diet can help flush out toxins, your overall health and wellness cannot be maintained without the regular incorporation of excessive sweating. Therefore, wellness practices such as clean eating should also include going to the sauna, taking a hot bath or hot yoga on a weekly basis to actually enhance your body’s overall detoxification with heat.



Simply fill your bath tub with the hottest water you can tolerate and soak your body for 15-30 minutes. The heat from the bath opens your pores and works your body into a sweat, expelling toxins from head to toe. 

TIP: Remember to hydrate, before and after taking a hot bath to replenish your electrolytes,



Magnesium and sulphur are critical nutrients our body needs. Unfortunately, they are poorly absorbed through our food.  Soaking in a hot bath with Epsom salts helps significantly as these minerals can easily absorb through the skin. An Epsom salt bath helps to boost circulation throughout the body, lower blood pressure, relieve muscle pain, and pull toxins from your pores. An Epsom salts bath has also proven to help flush out drugs remaining in the body after surgery.



Inspired by the Japanese, we developed our detox hot baths so that everyone could experience the same detoxifying benefits of an onsen at home. The detox hot baths were formulated with 100% natural ingredients to heighten your detox experience, using Epsom salts and healing active ingredients like wintergreen, turmeric and Matcha.


Sleep – detox hot bath

Our custom essential oil blend, featuring wintergreen and spearmint, was specifically designed to completely relax your mind and body. The sleep detox was designed to escape the day and drift off into dreamland. Spearmint and wintergreen are also know to help with lymphatic drainage and increasing circulation.


Matcha – detox hot bath

Submerge yourself in our antioxidant rich matcha detox. As your pores open from the steam of this hot bath, allow your body to soak in the vitamins and antioxidants matcha offers. matcha is also know to exfoliate and detox the skin, bringing life back to dry, dull looking skin. Our custom essential oil blend will also help relax your body and mind.


Turmeric – detox hot bath

Soak in our turmeric detox and allow its anti-inflammatory healing powers ease sore muscles, and aid the body in detoxification. Also formulated with mustard seed, this hot bath helps increase circulation in the body, relieving congestion and other symptoms associated with cold and flu.


Changing our lifestyle to accommodate a detox through excessive sweating in heat once per week is one easy healthy lifestyle change that follows the practices of one of the healthiest cultures in the world… give it a try and see if you feel the difference.



Detoxing Your Body Is Easier Than You Think

Detoxing Your Body Is Easier Than You Think

At kaia naturals we are obsessed with the Scandinavian approach to health. One of the staples of health and wellness in Scandinavia is taking a sauna multiple times a week. When taking a sauna, your body works up a sweat, releasing toxins and impurities from your system. We developed our detox hot baths to bring the detoxing benefits of a sauna to everyone and making it the easiest way to detox! The heat from the bath opens your pores and works your body into a sweat, drawing out toxins. Using Epsom salts, charcoal, turmeric, and seaweed, we have heightened your detoxing experience.

Get to know our bath collection:


Charcoal has been scientifically proven to bind to toxins and chemicals and pull them out of the body. If you need a really deep detox, this bath is the one for you.

Turmeric and Mustard

In Ayurveda, the ancient Indian holistic healing system, turmeric is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. This bath is great after a hard workout, a long day, or with a glass of wine.

Mustard is a classic remedy in the UK to help fight cold and flu symptoms. Mustard seed helps increase circulation in the body, allowing the body to decongest.


Our seaweed hot bath mimics the effects of a luxurious seaweed wrap that you get at the spa. Loaded with skin nourishing minerals and antioxidants, seaweed revives dry, tired skin. You will also soak in these antioxidants and minerals through the skin, which will benefit you internally as much as externally.

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