How Antiperspirant Affected My Body After 17 Years

How Antiperspirant Affected My Body After 17 Years

heather switching to natural deodorantMeet Heather, PR intern at kaia naturals by day and Professional Dance Instructor by night. As an individual who sweats excessively everyday while she teaches dance, she became self-conscious when she smelled B.O. even after using antiperspirant. Heather shares her experience with switching from antiperspirant to natural deodorant.


My Antiperspirant Stopped Working

It was about two years ago when I realized I had an odor problem. I hopped out of the shower after a dance rehearsal and suddenly became aware of something very strange. I didn’t smell fresh. I had just shampooed, shaved, and scrubbed my whole body, but I still didn’t smell clean.

Within the next few days I became very conscious of the fact that no matter how much antiperspirant I put on, it was as though a sweaty smell followed me everywhere I went. It is important to me that my antiperspirant is long lasting because I work closely with the dancers around me in rehearsal and I teach sometimes for 9 hours a day. No one wants to partner or be taught by stinky girl. I was alarmed that my antiperspirant seemed to suddenly stop working altogether.

Using Antiperspirant Since I Was 7 Years Old

I had been using antiperspirant ever since I came home from ballet class in Grade 2 and my mom tossed a stick of it at me with her fingers plugging her nose. Pretty much every brand of drugstore deodorant made for women is also an antiperspirant. What this means is that it contains aluminum which blocks your pores to stop your body from sweating.

My Doctor Recommended Clinical-Strength Antiperspirant

After consulting my doctor, I was simply told to try using a clinical strength antiperspirant instead. Displeased with this recommendation, I started to do my own research. I quickly learned that my beloved antiperspirant was actually trapping toxins in my body! I also stumbled across several testimonials by women just like me who found that their antiperspirant was suddenly causing them to smell worse.

The best solution? Switching to natural deodorant. I figured that it was worth a shot, but had a slight fear that I would smell deadly as I sweat profusely teaching dance every day.

My Armpit Detox Experience

Due to the fact that I’m so active and was already experiencing odor issues, my transition to natural deodorant was more intense than what other people may experience. My body was suddenly releasing a lot of sweat – something that had become so foreign to me after years of antiperspirant use. A sweat towel became my best friend at dance to help keep me feeling dry during rehearsal. For about a two week period, I found myself reapplying deodorant as often as possible.

The Game-Changer

The biggest game changer for me during this time was the underarm bar by kaia naturals. I had already been using this even before starting my internship here. The underarm bar is a natural antibacterial soap that helps to kill the odor-causing bacteria in the shower so that your deodorant is more effective. I noticed that if I ever forgot to use it in the shower, there was a huge difference in how long my natural deodorant lasted throughout the day.

Natural Deodorants For The Most Active Lifestyles

By the end of the month, I could go the entire day without thinking about whether or not I was getting stinky – even if I had a five hour rehearsal. While the transition process was not the most lovely experience of my life, it was SO worth it. I never thought that natural deodorant would be strong enough to keep me smelling fresh through dance class. I no longer deal with embarrassing body odor and have peace of mind knowing that I’m not using a toxic product on my body every day.



3 Reasons Why Your Natural Deodorant Is NOT Working

3 Reasons Why Your Natural Deodorant Is NOT Working

HINT: It’s not the deodorant.

When switching to natural deodorant, some people are concerned that it just won’t work for them. Most often consumers blame the ingredients in the natural deodorant when it does not work. What they don’t realize is that it may not be the ingredients at all.


Here are 3 things you may be why your natural deodorant is not working, but can easily fix:


Wearing Synthetic Fabric

When natural deodorant is not working, one thing most people don’t think about is the clothing they are wearing! This is especially true of when you are going through the initial transition to natural deodorant.

TIP: Try wearing natural fabrics when making the switch.

Natural fabrics such as cotton, wool, bamboo, and silks allow your body to breathe. This is vital when the body experience excess moisture levels. Synthetic fabrics, such as rayon and polyester, do not allow the body to breathe. The mix of trapped moisture aka sweat combined with bacteria is what will produce body odor. Click here to read why your body smells.

You may also want to be cautious in wearing tighter-fitting synthetic fabrics. Doing this is just asking for trouble as trapped sweat is inevitable.


Your Diet

Sometimes it may be that you have successfully found a natural deodorant that works for you. However, there can be odd days or weeks when you feel it has stopped working. Rather than blaming the ingredients in the product, first analyze what you are eating. Different types of foods can affect the body in different ways.

Have you ever had one of those nights where you drank just a little too much alcohol, then find that you smell of booze the next day? This is because once the alcohol breaks down in the body, it is shuttled out through your pores – then causing you to stink.

Eating processed, sugary foods can also cause body odor. Processed food lack chlorophyll, the compound that gives green vegetables their color. Chlorophyll is known for cleaning and deodorizing the blood, so foods that lack this compound will be more likely to cause the body to smell.


Bacteria Under Your Arms

It’s not actually your sweat that smells, but the mix of sweat and bacteria under your arms that produce body odor. Don’t be alarmed as there is an easy way to help mitigate this problem! Using natural antibacterial products under your arms before applying natural deodorant will provide a squeaky clean surface for your deodorant to start fresh and do what it’s intended for – TO DEODORIZE!

The underarm bar is a a natural antibacterial deodorant bar soap created to help control underarm bacteria. Using this soap in the shower daily before applying natural deodorant provides the extra strength protection against odor. A DIY alternative is to try applying a solution of 1 part apple cider vinegar and 2 parts water to the underarms in replacement.

Before turning against the ingredients in your natural deodorant, try taking a look at parts of your lifestyle. It is a trial and error method, but you will be surprised how much money and time you may be saving before rejecting a product.

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