A Toothache Home Remedy That Works

A Toothache Home Remedy That Works

When you experience tooth pain it can feel like it’s never ending. However, some minor toothaches and pains can be treated right at home (or at least mitigated until your dental appointment).

Next time you have that unbearable ache again, try this natural toothache remedy to decrease the amount of discomfort you experience!

  1. Grab a black tea bag and soak it in hot or warm water 
  2. Remove the soaked tea bag, squeeze out excess water, and place the warm tea bag directly on your teeth and gums for temporary and natural relief

Why this works: with Black tea contains high amounts of tannic acid – black tea contains astringent tannist, which reduces swelling and gives you temporary relief.

TIP: Gently chew the teabag every once in a while to get some of the tea out of the bag and around the tooth. The tannic acid in the teabag will go to work on the pain and reduce swelling.

​Image by Nathan Dumlao