Creating natural and minimalist products that benefit busy people is second nature to kaia naturals.

Made with non-toxic ingredients that aid sensitive skin and remove toxins and impurities, our products allow you to cleanse and detoxify with peace of mind.

Whether you are jet setting to your next adventure or attending your weekly yoga class, our products are the perfect companions for a hectic and healthy lifestyle.

Join us @kaianaturals and become a part of the wellness movement.


Did you know that women put an average of 168 chemicals on their body every single day?

Like many of you, I was one of those women. As a beauty industry executive and product developer, I worked long hours and found myself exhausted by the end of the day. As a result, I occasionally turned to wet wipes to remove my makeup.

When I started to develop routine eye infections, I decided to take stock of all of the products that I was using before I left my bathroom each day. As it turns out, many of the products that I had incorporated into my routine contained harsh ingredients. All it took was one look at the ingredient list on the back of my products to realize that I needed to find beauty products that were free of abrasive chemicals.

That is when a lightbulb went off, and kaia naturals was born: A line of essential products that cater to people who, like me, are ready to transition their routine to cleaner, greener, and kinder beauty products.

Beauty ingredients matter, and I believe that the quality and source of our ingredients is what makes kaia naturals so special.

Ready to go natural?

Join me @kaianaturals and become a part of the wellness movement today.

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