NOTE: Depending on your body chemistry, you MAY OR MAY NOT experience a detox when transitioning from antiperspirant to any natural deodorant.

At kaia naturals, we take pride in being transparent with our consumers. We want to ensure that you are aware there may be a 2 to 4 week transition period when switching from antiperspirant to natural deodorant. Trust us, it’s worth it.

Antiperspirants block sweat glands, thereby preventing you from sweating. With natural deodorant, your underarms are free to breathe.

Our activated charcoal formula starts to pull toxins and neutralize odor.

PRO TIP: Use the underarm bar to eliminate bacteria on skin BEFORE applying natural deodorant.

If you’ve been using antiperspirant, you may notice a temporary change in underarm moisture levels, as there is no aluminum blocking your sweat glands.

Underarm moisture levels will normalize.

Continue using the takesumi detox® charcoal deodorant, for daily deodorizing and detoxing.

charcoal deodorant + detox

nordic frost

charcoal deodorant + detox

sakura blossom | travel size

underarm bar

1 x underarm bar

power couple

charcoal deodorant + underarm bar

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